Saturday, August 14, 2010

Module 5 Responses

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Module 5

In my school, there have been several situations in which I have encountered where resistance and disappointing results were experienced. Our district has recently adopted a new program call Accelerated Reader. This program demands that students read grade level material and are tested on them via computer. With the goal of increasing reading levels, motivation to read, and comprehension skills, this program has proven to be successful. Training was offered for all teachers. However, the “seasoned” teachers did not want to use the program. Stating reasons such as I have no time, I have no computers, I don’t know how to use it, frustration began to build.

The resistance from these teachers, in my opinion, are not voluntary. It is my opinion that these teachers are a bit afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They are afraid of implementing change. In order to assist these teachers, extensive training has to be done. These teachers can not have one training and then are expected to implement and use the new technology. They must have modeling, demonstrations, and one on one sessions. It is then that teachers will fill a bit more comfortable and more willing to change, This is when resistance will soon fade away.

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Module 4 Responses

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Friday, July 30, 2010

How has your network changed the way you learn?

Choosing to continue my education has really broadened my horizons. It is because of the constant seek of knowledge that my network has changed, Such applications as blogs, googledocs, and wikis just to name a few has allowed me to reach out and communicate with others many miles away. With this has come collaboration and a plethora of resources far away yet at my fingertips.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?

When it comes to work, emailing is the best tool that best facilitates learning for me. It is through email that I can communicate with my administrators, fellow teachers, parents, and even students in a professional and effective manner. When it comes to school, I have found the discussions and googledocs to be the best means of communication. And when it comes to my leisure time, text messaging is the best mode of communication.

How do you learn new knowledge when you have questions?

When I have questions, I usually google the question and depend heavily on the Internet for understanding and further research. When searching the Internet on a particular question, I am forded a plethora of sites to dissect for understanding.

Friday, July 16, 2010

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Module 3

The thought of two minds working together bring many great ideas to my mind. In education, two minds working together means group work, peer tutoring, editing essays, professional development meetings, etc. In society, I am reminded of a football team, a basketball team, or any other entity that depends on the work of others to accomplish a goal. However, is this a basic instinct for humans to work together? I am led to say no and I am led to say yes. I am torn between the two.

When we look around us in society, we see that it is not favorable in some instances to work as a group. In my classroom, there are students who refuse to work with others. They prefer to work alone. are use to this action. Working with others could heighten their understanding as well as heighten the understanding of others. When we look around us now, we have various issues and wars going on. Working together could easily resolve these issues. In these instances, it is not common to work with others. However, it would be very beneficial.

Many sports games require the use of people working together. In addition, many people rely on group work from the work place to the school house. This skill fords people the opportunity to build interpersonal skills, help others, as well as come together to get a task completed.

Rheingold took readers on an adventure when he told two stories, “old story” to the “new story”. In the “old story” he made reference to survival of the fittest, a need to destroy the competition. The “new story” spoke of problems that are spread across various areas. Whether working in a group are learned behaviors or basic instinct, it needs to become more popular in society. The survival of the fittest shrinks but still has a presence in society. Even though I am torn between the idea of humans having a basic instinct to work together, I fully agree that “we must learn that using collective action and working with a group is the best way to create a better society" (2005).

As an educator, I have learned and observed that learning takes place through interaction with others. Students work together to brainstorm, put their ideas together, help one and critically think. Technology has now forded many applications to aid in the collaboration of others. Such innovations such as blogs, wikis, google doc, podcasts, and other applications help learners to work together and collaborate with one another.

Rheingold, H. (2005). Way-New Collaboration. Retrieved from

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Module 2 Responses

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